Planning at the level of products and markets will answer the question, “How does the organization compete effectively?” And answering that question requires your planning team to address four additional questions:

What is the Organization’s Current Value Proposition?

  • What are the key value drivers?
  • What are the firm’s strengths and weaknesses?
  • How does the organization stack up against competitors?
  • What are the firm’s opportunities?

What is the Organization’s Intended Value Proposition?

  • What are the firm’s performance objectives?
  • What is the firm’s marketing mix?
  • What is the firm’s strategy?
  • What are the assumptions underlying the strategy?

How does the Organization Achieve the Intended Value Proposition?

  • What are the specific action plans?
  • When will these actions be accomplished?
  • Who is responsible for the actions?
  • How do we know the actions have been accomplished?
  • What are the direct costs of the actions?
  • What are the forecasted results?

Has the Organization Achieved its Objectives?

MVS has developed a competitive market planning system that has been used successfully by companies in a large number of manufacturing and service industries over a period of 20 years. This planning system is driven by the Voice of the Customer, using the Customer Value Measurement tools. A series of integrated planning forms ensures that each step in the planning process is carried out successfully.

The effects of various strategies can be tested with the Value Proposition Contact us for more detailed information about the use of these planning tools.