Competitive Marketing Strategy

Strategic planning has different purposes at different levels of the organization. At the Corporate level, the central purpose is planning for growth. At the level of the Business Unit or Division, the purpose of planning is to identify strategic opportunities for future investment.
Once those business opportunities are identified in terms of the organization’s key product lines and markets served, the real planning for a sustainable competitive advantage can begin.

Market Value Solutions’ Value-Based Planning Process is designed to answer the key question posed at each level of business planning. At the Corporate level, the selected growth options are informed by the tools of customer value analysis. At the Business Unit level, we work with the management team to develop a Product/Market Matrix in order to achieve strategic focus. And at the Product/Market level, we work with a cross-functional team to identify value-based, market-driven strategies for a sustainable competitive advantage.

We engage a cross-functional team from the organization in the development of the actual competitive marketing plans for two important reasons.

First, the value-based market opportunities typically require changes to the product or service itself, new methods for marketing communications, changes in operations, and/or changes in pricing. Managers from each of those functional areas need to be directly involved with the development of strategies, objectives, and actions for which they will, ultimately, be responsible. Second, the goal of MVS is to teach our way out of the consulting relationship. We do that by providing the planning tools and techniques, then teaching your organization’s managers how to use them so that they can develop future competitive marketing plans independently.