Business Process Improvement

Improve Customer Value with these Market Research Services

Market research is the driving force behind effective Customer Value Management, Lean Thinking, and Six Sigma initiatives. The Voice of the Customer (VOC) must be captured systematically and analyzed with the tools of customer value in order to identify the organization’s current competitive value propositions, and to transform those into winning value propositions. MVS specializes in the conduct of customer value research for the purpose of helping organizations to develop winning competitive strategies, and to deploy those through the effective use of Lean and Six Sigma tools.

The key to making market research managerially useful is to first achieve the appropriate level of FOCUS.

And this means focusing on the two things that make your organization money:

  • the products or services you sell
  • the markets or market segments that buy them.

All products and markets are NOT created equal, and the organization that focuses on those with the greatest strategic potential will achieve the greatest return on its market research investment. MVS recommends a product/market analysis as the precursor to any market research investment.

The MVS Principals bring more than 60 years of market research experience to your “Voice of the Customer” projects. We conduct the qualitative research to achieve the appropriate breadth and depth in your quantitative surveys to ensure robust models of customer value. Our multivariate analytical techniques go well beyond the typical “tabs and banners” of many market research firms, providing robust insights in an easy-to-communicate format.

More than just a market research company, MVS specializes in helping companies use that market research to drive winning competitive strategies, and to improve their business processes using the tools of Lean and Six Sigma. Our clients consistently achieve substantial returns on their market research investment.