Every once in a while we run into an incredible value delivery situation and feel compelled to comment. I just had such an experience with a supplier of color printer supplies. These folks obviously know what the critical to quality factors are for their business customers – and they deliver!

I had just tried this supplier of color toner for the first time. After replacing one of my toner cartridges I began having printing problems – streaking of the toner I had just replaced. I contacted the supplier, and they immediately agreed to replace the cartridge – and did so overnight. Unfortunately, the problem continued and I reported back.

This time the supplier began to act like a repair service. They sent me specific files to print to try to assess the problem, They made several suggestions, which we tried – to no avail. Then – get this – they had a working model of my printer in their facility which they disassembled – while instructing me to do the same – in order to diagnose the problem. At this point, they believe that the problem is associated with another part in the printer (the transfer belt, for you technophobes). I expected them to toss the problem back in my lap. Are you ready? They volunteered to send a replacement for the malfunctioning part in order to see if that will solve the problem. And they expect the new part to be here tomorrow (Friday). And they asked if they could call back on Monday to see how things turned out!

Here’s a manufacturer of printer products that clearly understands what drives quality and value from a customer point of view – and they understand that it goes well beyond the physical product itself. As for the physical product – that’s table stakes. So long as they make good products, they’ll remain in the game. How do they differentiate? By understanding those CTQs better than the competition! Do their people and processes deliver the goods? In remarkable fashion! Will they continue to get my business? You bet!

By the way – the name of the company: Media Sciences. And no, I have nothing to do with them other than being a (future) loyal customer.