Every organization has one or more value streams, each of which is comprised of numerous processes, activities, inspections, and decisions.  Value streams begin with a customer inquiry into a product or service, and end with the delivery of, and payment for, that product or service.  The most important challenge most businesses face is to focus attention on those value streams and processes that are most critical to creating and providing superior value.

The CTQ Value Gap Analysis will direct your organization’s attention to its most important value streams.  The next challenge is to focus the mapping of those value streams on the processes that are having the greatest impact on value delivery.  Value-adding opportunities are in the details, and linking the detailed inputs (processes) to the detailed outputs (Value Performance Criteria) will ensure that your value stream maps provide the right level of detail to identify those opportunities by focusing on key processes within the overall value stream.

The MVS team can show your team how to use the Voice of the Market Toolkit™ to focus your improvement initiatives on those processes that will bring the greatest return on your investments. Contact us to discuss having a value stream analysis conducted for your business.